Skillset wants to hear from hacks and hackers

Skillset, an industry body which supports skills and training for people and businesses, wants to hear from journalists and programmers who work in creative media industries.

Its 15 minute survey is a review of skills and training needs, which, it says, will “feed into future decisions on skills and training provision for employees and freelancers working in the sector”.

“This is the first time that Publishing has been included in the main Skillset research programme, which means that all forms of journalism will be covered,” says publishing sector manager, Suzanne Kavanagh.

“We’re really keen to ensure we get good coverage, particularly in light of the collaborations between hacks and hackers. It will help capture some of the more technical skills gaps and shortages that are emerging and will feed into future research, skills and training opportunities.”

The survey,, is open until the 30 September. All contributions are anonymous, non-attributable and comply with data protection legislation. Results will be published towards the end of autumn. Help with accessing the survey can be found at this link.

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