Code for America getting all ScraperWikied over Government Data

Hackathons have been sprouting up all over the world. In fact, there was an Open Data Hackathon in Guatemala City just last week! But the loudest buzz coming for the data hack hive can be heard in the US where Code for America has been producing the sweetest honey.

So here at ScraperWiki headquarters we are flattered to be their tool of choice. They’ve been using ScraperWiki as a project or session track for just about every hackathon, datacamp, or labs Friday. On the Stanford Hackathon blog, they write:

“ScraperWiki-ing” is a great activity for beginner coders. It is social and forgiving. Even better, your work goes towards making our governments more efficient, open, and transparent by making information more linkable and extendable.”

The closure of has not dampened their spirits and with ScraperWiki, we think they’ll do an even better job of making data work for the government rather than the government working for the data.

Advantage of using ScraperWiki according to Tyler Stalder, fellow at Code for America:

  • No technology setup or install-fest required to start working
  • Small project with a clear deliverable product that can be completed in a couple of hours
  • Directly focused on civic data
  • It’s easy to pair on scrapers
  • Python, Ruby, PHP support so it’s easy for us to organize pairs from a  diverse pool of devs

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3 Responses to Code for America getting all ScraperWikied over Government Data

  1. James McKinney says: closing? Are you sure about that? There were a lot of scare headlines about its closure, but they were all sensationalist, and nothing points to its closure. If it were closing, why would anyone be working on its next iteration?

    • Nicola Hughes says:

      Ah yes, it’s moving to the cloud! Rumour had it the site was going due to funding cuts. The argument that developers can use it to drive business makes their arguments obsolete.

  2. James McKinney says:

    A little more clarity on the issue was released today by the federal CIO There are significant cuts and changes, but will remain operational.

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