Quickly get an HTML table

As I said before the Julian sometimes adds simple things to ScraperWiki, and nobody even notices them.

He obviously learnt, as he ticketed in BitBucket that we needed to release this one.

The External API can output data in several formats. jsondict is the standard JSON format using a dictionary for each row, jsonlist an alternative JSON format which has a simple array for each row. csv is for loading into spreadsheets, or if you want just a simple row based format.

The new one is called htmltable. When you use it in the API explorer you get a convenient easy to read table. You can also open the API URl directly in your browser.

Here are a couple of examples from Nike’s innovative GreenXChange database (scraped here), which is a place for large companies to share patents that improve sustainability.

This API result page shows how many entries there are in the database for each contributing company. And this is all the innovations about gloves. Notice that both pages are just URLs from the API, and contain editable SQL queries.

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