Meet the Minions – Young Rewired State

We’re an open platform and as with open door policies it’s hard to keep track of who’s come in. We’ve had an influx of youths. But no need to worry! There’ll be no loud music playing, hoody wearing, communicating in text message only on ScraperWiki. These are a pack of Young Rewired State.

Here is their lab shepherd and previous ScraperWiki Digger, Sym Roe:


They’re a swell bunch, just look at them! Young ScraperWikians in the making:

From right: Marcus Hughes, Rhys Laval and Sym Roe

Norwich (Neon Tribe centre) used ScraperWiki to pull in tweets, try to figure out a postcode and pullout some other text.  They are making a way to report broadband
quality via twitter.  They ended up writing a scraper in PHP and Ruby in the end, due to different skills of the young people.

Westminster (Osmosoft) found the data they wanted, but it didn’t have an API.  They wrote a scraper and used the ScraperWiki API as a way to quickly get their hack up and running.

They submit their entries today and we wish them the best of luck!

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