Cupcakes, Conversation (of the business kind) and a Couple of ScraperWikians*

Scraping the web, liberating data, caging ‘The Julian’, it’s a thankless task so here at ScraperWiki we have a reward scheme existing of cupcakes (yes, we are a start up). So where better to have a business lunch with the local newspaper than the local cupcake joint.

Read the online article by Alistair Houghton from the Liverpool Daily Post.

It can be hard to make sense of data when it is scattered across Word documents, PDFs and websites around the world. As ScraperWiki’s website says: “It’s like trying to build something from Lego when someone has hidden the bricks all over town and you have to find them before you can start building.”

But the technology created by Scraperwiki and its community of software developers means information that may be inaccessible to general readers can be brought together in one place. That data can be viewed as tables or turned into charts, graphs or interactive graphics.

Or here it is in the paper (has a certain look to it you don’t get online):

The office and Cuthbert’s have not been affected by the recent unrest in the UK. Your scrapers will not be looted!

*Brought to you in association with Cuthbert’s Bakehouse. (Give us some free cakes!)

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