This one goes out to the ScraperWikians we love!

From business licenses in Islington (London, UK) to Oakland (Calinfornia, USA), councillors in India, presidential engagements in Ireland, newspapers in America and planning applications in Westoxon; here at ScraperWiki we are saluting our users who are looting the web of data for those in need. The Robin Hood’s of the data digging world!

We have a public request service (which we’d like to manage more effectively so all ideas welcome!) for those in need of public data on the web which is buried in the browser. We make call outs to you, our cherished community of ScraperWikians. So far, all we can offer is ScraperWikiLovin but if you’re in Liverpool feel free to pop in and we’ll feed you. Also, watch this space for future events.

In the meantime, hats off and major ScraperWikiLovin to Paul Campbell, Anna Powell-Smith, Owl (don’t think it’s a real owl but it’d be cool if it is!), Matt Ford and Liz Conlan.

There are also plenty of other requests waiting for a good Samaritan:

So here’s some ScraperWikiLovin in advanced! ♥


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