Scraping New Frontiers

Today is Columbus Day in the US (yes, I’m working regardless). So I’ve decided to write a post about discovery. This has been my first full week in America. I have toiled Heathrow Terminal 5, battled through the baffling New York subway and scaled the mountains of food to find, well, not the promised land.

That’s because what’s promising about our financially collapsing, unemployment riddled and Mother-Earth-telling-us-to-get-lost future is not land. It’s the web. It’s the network we’re plugging ourself into and upon which we’re uploading pictures of burping pugs, frivolous commentary on our mundane lives and videos of children hurting themselves.

Yes, the sea of code encasing invaluable data is the chasm that must be crossed to reach the new frontiers of ‘Big Data‘. In that sense we’re looking to lead some expeditions in search of this promised land. In the US, we’re looking to roll out some big events next year but in the meantime we will be recruiting data navigators for sorties. We’ll be at the Open Government Data Camp from 20-21 October in Warsaw.

If you would like to be part of this brave new world then sign up here and follow our blog for further announcements!

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