Amazing Places Scrapers Go – The Big Clean

Earlier this month, there’s been some underground scraping action happening in Central Europe. We noticed this spark of activity and upon further investigation it was revealed to be a spill over from The Big Clean.

At the beginning of this moth, there was Open Scraper Challenge happening in 3 hackerspaces in Czech Republic and Slovakia, in Prague, Brno, and Bratislava. All in all, roughly 80 participants took part in the afternoon hacking session with ScraperWiki. You can catch some of their good works on the soit tag.

A particpant, Jindřich Mynarz, said: “Its aim is very similar to the aim of the Big Clean: screen-scrape pages of public institutions to obtain some useful, structured data. ScraperWiki is on the list of recommended tools for this event.” It looks like they’re continuing with this good data-liberating work, proving a good idea with the right tools can live on in a community of coders.

So watch out Central Europe – you’re being ScraperWikied!

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