Diggers and Dinosaurs – Scraping at the Mozilla Festival

In a complete paradigm shift of the epic battle between Godzilla and Mothra we are turning our backs on the old claymation medium and embracing the digital age where dinosaurs and diggers (yes, I am aware we are a machine and not a moth) can roam free across the lawless plains of web 2.0.

Both can be found at the Mozilla Festival park in London on 4-6 November. If you’re lucky you might even spot a wily firefox. There will be an inclosure on the Friday from 18:00 where our tamed digger driver, Francis Irving, can give you some driving lessons.

As part of the Data Journalism Workshop on the Saturday, 10:00-17:00, we’ll be hosting a ‘Scraping 101’ session. There will be a host of data trackers to guide you through the web wilderness including Open Knowledge Foundation‘s Jonathan Gray and the European Journalism Centre‘s Liliana Bounegru. There will be herds of other data/web beasts roaming the plains so we suggest you stay inside or close to your digger.

If you’re interested in a close encounter of the data kind sign up for the event here.

So watch out Mozilla Festival – you’re being ScraperWikied!

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