Meet all our users!!!!

As I have been looking for your great guys to highlight your work, passion and scraping oddities, so your time has come to explore the craven habits of the new age data digging programmers! You can now search for people on ScraperWiki!!!! Just use our regular search box.

So all you ScraperWikians out there, I suggest you fill in your profile, put up a picture of your beautiful faces (or cats, whatever floats your boat) and introduce yourself to the data curious world. If you search for ‘scraperwiki‘ on Twitter you’ll also find conversations between developers linking to their scrapers. If you want the wider scraping community to get in touch, please include your Twitter handle or links to any of your other public account.

So let’s spread the ScraperWikiLovin’ but please no unsavoury solicitations. There are plenty of other services for that and if you are resorting to a data wrangling platform you’ve got serious issues.

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