Mapping @TahrirSupplies

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One of our users I recently met in New York said ScraperWiki is “a great tool for hacktivism”. Because of this we have a lot of ‘hacktivists’ in our community. One such ‘hacktivist’ is Thomas Levine. He’s recently scraped @TahrirSupplies, a twitter account set up to crowd-source the need for suplies at Tahrir Square and matching them with availabilities in the surrounding area.

In under 30 lines, he’s mapped the supplies from the tweets (see above). For that piece of good work, he’s our user of the week and today’s follow Friday. You can find him on ScraperWiki and also buzzing about on Google Groups.

The ScraperWiki digger is very glad to have him on board!!

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One Response to Mapping @TahrirSupplies

  1. P says:

    Hmm, I count 129 lines. I’m not sure why that’s important though. Good job Thomas!

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