Our friendly competitors / partners

I made this diagram a few months ago now (for VCs), that shows the world of online data collaboration and scraping from a ScraperWiki point of view.

It shows the kind of companies and technologies that, if ScraperWiki were to not exist, people would use instead. Some are there because they do or will need to either provide or integrate with a ScraperWiki-like function. It’s often hard to tell competitors from partners at this stage in a new industry (data hubs).

It isn’t meant to be complete, the lists of companies are just indicative. It also isn’t meant to be an overall industry overview – covering just the phrase “Big Data” would make it enormous!

Given that, if you can think of significant omissions, or you can improve any of the details, please leave a comment!

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2 Responses to Our friendly competitors / partners

  1. shane says:

    Scrapinghub http://scrapinghub.com/ provide a Scraping GUI, a cloud-based platform for running scrapy-based crawlers and outsourcing services. It probably belongs in the top right.

    PS nice chart, thanks for sharing

  2. Francis Irving says:

    Thanks shane! Didn’t know scrapy had a commercial spin-off, fantastic.


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