DumpTruck 0.0.3

I’ve added some new features to DumpTruck.


Dictionary case sensitivity

I removed the dictionaries with case-insensitive keys because that just seemed to be delaying the conversion to case sensitivity.

Ordered Dictionaries

DumpTruck.execute now returns a collections.OrderedDict for each row rather than a dict for each row. Also, order is respected on insert, so you can pass OrderedDicts to DumpTruck.insert or DumpTruck.create_table to specify column order.

Index creation syntax

Previously, indices were created with

DumpTruck.create_index(table_name, column_names)

This order was chosen to match SQL syntax. It has been changed to

DumpTruck.create_index(column_names, table_name)

to match the syntax for DumpTruck.insert.

Handling NULL values

Null value handling has been documented and tweaked.


dt.insert returns the the rowid(s) that were inserted.


The DumpTruck interface has changed slightly, so I also adjusted scraperwiki_local based on those changes.


Get the new version from pip.

pip install dumptruck

More documentation

The full documentation is on GitHub.

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