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friendly data scientists

Friendly data scientists

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Maurice the ScraperWiki marmot

devoted developers

Devoted developers

The last two summers, we had a really good intern (Aidan Hobson Sayers – thanks for finding him for us, John!).

We’d like to do it again this year. We’ve opportunities in three areas, depending on your skills and interests.

  1. Platform team – CoffeeScript, Backbone, Unix. We use Extreme Programming.
  2. Data science team – Python, R. Scraping, statistics, working with customers.
  3. Tool making team – gorgeous user interfaces, with a mixture of the above skills.

The deal is…

  • Work with a friendly, talented team in Liverpool, where a whole community is quietly growing the UK’s next big tech cluster.
  • It’s at ScraperWiki’s offices. You need to be either based in commuting range, or prepared to move here for at least 6 weeks over the summer.
  • We pay either travelling expenses, or if you’re more experienced, the standard student summer placement week rate.
  • Oh, and you learn about startups, and changing the world of data analysis on the web.

If you’d like to apply, please send:

  • Your CV
  • A link to a scraper you’ve written of some kind, or an open source project you’ve made a large contribution to

To with the word “swintern” in the subject. We’ll take applications from either students or non-students.

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